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          • Wien-Woche der 4. Klassen
            • Wien-Woche der 4. Klassen

            • Our journey started in Frankenmarkt at the train station on May 16th, 2022 at 8:21 a.m.. From there we went to Vöcklabruck by train. In Vöcklabruck we changed trains and we went to Vienna, where we arrived at 11:05.

              First we went to our hotel and got our rooms. Then we went to the Stephansplatz by tram. There we had a short guided tour. After the tour we could either choose the elevator or the stairs to get on the top of one tower of the church.


              "We liked “Time Travel“ most."

              "What we liked least was going by underground, because sometimes there were so many people and the underground was really crowded."

              Tobias, Markus, Paul



              After we visited the Stephansdom we went to the best ice-cream parlour in Vienna. When we finished eating we went to our hotel by underground. Then we had some free time in our rooms for 45 minutes. After dinner we had time to get ready for our historical tour round the central part of Vienna with our class and Mr. Kleber. There we saw a very old cafe (Hawelka), museums, the Hofburg and the excavation finds. The two hours of the tour were very interesting but also quite exhausting.


              "We really enjoyed the trip to Vienna. It was very funny and we all had a lot of fun. It was a little bit too short because we were only there for three days. All in all it was really great."

              Lisa, Lena, Maxi



              On Tuesday morning we went to Schönbrunn by underground. We took wonderful pictures of the castle and the Gloriette. We didn’t walk to the Gloriette but we walked through the garden, there were many different types of flowers. After that we went to the zoo which is next to the castle. In the zoo there were many animals from different countries. We had some free time to walk through the whole zoo without the teachers. We all had a lot of fun and took a lot of pictures.

              Later we walked back and went to the Prater by underground. There we drove with a lot of different attractions and we bought some things for ourselves.


              "The best sights we visited were the Donauturm and the Time Travel but we didn’t like that we walked so much."

              Marie, Lucas, Sebastian


              On Tuesday evening we went to the Danube Tower by underground. At first we drove with the elevator to the viewing platform. Later we went to the café. We drank some coke and ate a piece of Sachertorte. After some time, at about 9 p.m. we walked back to the underground station and took the underground back to our hotel.

              On the next day we had breakfast and then had a quiz in the central part of Vienna. There we had to answer questions about the city and took photos of some buildings. It was a really cool day!


              "The coolest were the Danube Tower because of the great view of the city and the Prater because we had a lot of fun there."

              "We didn’t like the walking around in the city because we really got tired. Some of us had a strange experience with a lonely girl in the Prater and some didn’t like the zoo so much."

              Caroline, Sarah, Emma



              After the rallye round the city we went to the “Time Travel” which tells about the history of Vienna. At first there was a 5D cinema where we could learn about about the black death (=Pest), about dinos, World War I etc. We also saw a VR-movie about Vienna’s famous composers. In the end we saw the sights of Vienna at that time.

              Then we went to the Mariahilferstraße where we could go shopping and go to restaurants on our own.

              Later we went back to our hotel to get our bags. Then we walked to the train station once more and took the train back to Frankenmarkt.


              "We think it was a great trip. We really liked the view of the Danube Tower but we also liked the Prater because that was really funny."

              "We didn’t like that we had to walk so much. And we also think that the tour with the guide in the Stephansdom wasn’t really interesting."

              Jana, Michael, Hanna





          • Berufsinfomesse 2022
            • Berufsinfomesse 2022

            • Am Freitag, den 20.05.2022 besuchten unsere 3. Klassen, im Rahmen des BO-Unterrichts die Berufsinfomesse in Vöcklabruck. In spannenden und informationsreichen Touren lernten die SchülerInnen viele Berufe genauer kennen und wurden so bei ihrer Berufswahl unterstützt. Danke an die Kollegen Hr. Redlinger und Fr. Steiner für die Durchführung dieser Exkursion. Es hat den SchülerInnen sichtlich Spaß gemacht.